Transfer an Email to Autotask with ONE Click!

We just added a feature that we’re VERY excited about!

When you receive an email in your Microsoft Outlook inbox that belongs in Autotask, you can now move it to Autotask with ONE click and NO pop-up windows.

Here’s how to set it up.

In Microsoft Outlook 2010, navigate to the “Home” tab of the ribbon, then create a new Quick Step

Give the Quick Step a unique name (such as “Send to Autotask” or even simply “”)

Configure 3 steps:

  1. Step one should be “Forward message as an attachment”
    1. Set the “to” address to an Email2AT-bound email address
    2. Click the “Show Options” button (the screenshot shows “Hide Options”)
    3. Select “Automatically send after 1 minute delay”.
  2. Step two should be “Mark as Read” (optional)
  3. Step three should be “Move to folder” (optional)

Now, when you receive an email in your inbox that needs to go to Autotask, simply click this “Quick Action” button, and it will sent to Email2AT to be converted to a ticket. Since it’s forwarded as an attachment, we’ll parse the email as if the person had sent it directly to your Email2AT address (it will show as “from” the original sender, and will be assigned to their account, etc).

As always – questions? Ask us at